Hey look, it's my face!

Hey look, it’s my face!

My name’s Jen, I’m 24 and if you hadn’t guessed from any of my posts, I’m a pretty ardent feminist, intersectionality being a huge theme on this blog.  My favorite things to talk about are feminism, space, speculative fiction, and pop culture.

The title of this blog comes from Terry Pratchett’s series of young adult Discworld books, the Tiffany Aching series, which were tremendously formative for me.  It always seemed to me that having First Sight and Second Thoughts was something important, so there it is.  This blog started out as just a place to get my thoughts about pop culture out of my brain and into the world; the first couple posts were actually tumblr posts before I brought them over here.  I figured that this was something I liked talking about, I’d always been told I was a good writer, so why not?  My elder brother is a prolific and successful blogger in the horror movie community, both on his own blog and as a blogger for The Blood Sprayer.  So maybe blogging runs in the family.

Really, you’ll get a better sense of me through my posts here, so go ahead and read some!  You can also check out my Goodreads profile, if you want to know what I’m reading right now.

If you want to get in touch with me, feel free to email me at jenniferawrites@gmail.com.

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