For my D&D adventures and supplements, check out my page at the DM’s Guild here. I specialize in all-ages (kid-friendly) whimsical and lighthearted adventures with a focus on roleplaying rather than hack-and-slash.

FairyTaleFiascoPlayset – So, the fair princess is locked in a tower, the evil vizier has his hooks fully into the king, the mysterious witch keeps turning people into animals, the highway banditry in the woods is worse than ever, and of course – love is on the line. Everyone wants their fairy tale ending, but as we all know, not everyone gets a happily ever after. And when they do, is that really what they wanted in the first place?

Fiasco of the Gods Playset – Gods are supposed to be fair and just and wise, right? Well, you wouldn’t know it looking at the pantheon of Ancient Greece, where the gods are petty, immature, and anything but wise. Sure, they have grand schemes and plans just like a proper god should, but between the interference of their siblings, the damn useless mortals, and their own hubris, it’s all bound to turn into a fiasco.

Savage Worlds: Pacific Rim – The world of Pacific Rim and kaijus and jaegers is already a pretty savage one. Why not play your very own Pacific Rim game using the Savage Worlds ruleset?

FAEDREAM – Use the whimsical, surreal art cards of games like Dixit and Mysterium to weave enchanting stories with your friends.

Micro-RPGs – Games that fit on the front and back of a postcard!

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  • Robot Rockstars: