Announcing The Extraordinary Voyage!

Earlier today, I published the first installment of The Extraordinary Voyage, my new series of short stories! Online! For all to read! For free! You should check it out!

No really, you should go and read it, because it’s a pretty good story, if I do say so myself. Do you like adventure? Science fiction? Rad ladies? Mystery? Magic? Sharks? Yes, you do. My story has all of those things, and there’s many more like it where that comes from. I know you want to get in on the ground floor of this unfolding epic before you have to archive binge to catch up.

Also, it would mean a lot to me. Or something. I guess. It’s been a long time since I actually publicly shared my writing, so there’s something. If you like the story, please feel free to use any of the nice, shiny “Share this” buttons at the bottom of that page. You know, tell your friends. Don’t you want to be able to say “I was into that before it was cool”? Yes, you do.

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