Sorting Hat Sunday – Monsters Inc

I’m beginning to sense that my instinct for “spooky” actually just means “has monsters”. I mean, that’s fair. I like monsters, but I don’t actually like most scary things. And yes, scary and spooky are different. So, apologies if you were expecting to see legitimate horror movies in my features this month. Not gonna happen. Instead, today we’re looking at a movie about scaring people. We’re talking about Monsters Inc, and its prequel Monsters University.

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Our main character is James P. Sullivan, or Sulley. He’s the top scarer and likewise is not afraid of anything himself. Why should he be, when he knows he’s the scariest guy around? He’s a lot more rash than Mike, and a lot more likely to rush in. But he is fiercely protective of Boo, especially when all the others are terrified of her. I wasn’t sure about this one until I remembered Monsters University, where Sulley is also arrogant and kind of a jerk. But he was always confident, so I think Sulley would be a Gryffindor.

Then there’s his best friend, Mike Wazowski. If Sulley is the brawn of the team, then Mike is the brains of the operation. It’s shown to a limited degree in the first movie, but to a much greater extent in the prequel that Mike is a great thinker, skilled at analysis and strategy. He’s the one who knows the best way to scare any kid. He’s the one making the plans at any given time. It’s that ability that saves Sulley’s ass on more than one occasion. Mike sees Sulley as his sidekick and it’s not hard to see why after Monsters University. I’m putting Mike in Ravenclaw.

Then there’s the villain of the first movie, Randall Boggs, the second best scarer at Monsters Inc. It’s that second-place that really bothers him; he’s incredibly driven to knock Sulley out of the top spot and rake in the glory himself. And god knows he’s frightening, but his own intense desire trips him up more often than not. He doesn’t have Mike’s natural instinct for scaring, though, and his own brand of cunning serves him better as a schemer and plotter, the henchman to the CEO’s real villainy. As much as I often hate just putting villains in Slytherin, I think that’s exactly where he belongs.

Of course, there is also Boo. It might seem crazy to try to Sort a toddler, but she clearly has a personality of her own, as y’know, real children tend to do. And let me tell you, that girl is dauntless, parading around a world of monsters as if it were her own, never a trace of fear until she encounters Randall who, let’s be fair, is terrifying. She overcomes that at the end and even manages to scare off Randall from hurting her friend Sulley. The child is fearless, and although there’s lots of time for her to change as she grows up, I’d say she’s shaping up to be an excellent Gryffindor.

So that’s the main cast of Monsters Inc, and I did realize a couple things about this movie as I wrote this post: 1) It’s rare to see a Gryffindor-Ravenclaw team-up as your main protagonists, and I really like that. 2) No really, I hate putting villains in Slytherin because it feels like living up to a stereotype. And 3) I like thinking about other people being scared a lot more than being scared myself.

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