50 Fathoms: Session 37

We’re definitely coming down to the wire here – I’m estimating only two more sessions left in this campaign. This session was the last big climactic battle before the Big One, the fight this has been building to all along, the fight against the Sea Hags for the fate of Caribdus. And this was a good fight, too – high stakes, difficult odds, a truly evil enemy, and the confidence that their experiences so far would carry them through. I don’t like meaningless combats, and this certainly wasn’t one.


The Party:

Yang Hou, human sailor

Boggsworth, masaquani scoundrel

Lars, doreen hunter

Skitters, scurillian archmage


The Setting:

The Pirate Sea near Brigandy Bay

Caribdus, a drowning world


The Story So Far:

Blackbeard’s dread pirate fleet approached, with his hideous black Man of War, Destroyer, at the head of their V-formation. The crew of the Happy Family (joined by several Kieran navy ships, generously loaned to them by Emperor Ted) could see Blackbeard himself standing at the prow of his ship. They reviewed what they knew – that Blackbeard was essentially immortal while he stood on the Destroyer, but off of it, he was as mortal as any other man. This made for a simple enough plan – get him off the ship. If throwing him off didn’t work immediately, they knew that Lars would be right there with him in the water, ready to make good use of his obsidian knives.

Boggsworth instructed their own fleet to make a W-formation, with the center point facing Blackbeard’s Destroyer head-on. The masaquani captain got the first shot in, sending a bullet through the pirate’s shoulder, with little to no harm done. Blackbeard fired back mere seconds later, wounding Boggsworth with two gut shots. Yang Hou swung down on a rope and fired further shots at Blackbeard, hoping his enchanted gun would do more damage, but to no avail. Lars dove unnoticed into the water to begin making his way over to the Destroyer to deal with the undoubtedly large swaths of crewmen.

Skitters launched Boggsworth and himself over to the Destroyer to stand before Blackbeard, ready to fight. The honorable captain and the devious pirate began swapping blows, a dance with their magical swords – Boggsworth with Mage Slayer and La Espada de Vampiro, Blackbeard with the legendary Sword of King Amemnus, which the party had come to claim for their fight with the Sea Hags. Skitters, meanwhile, noticed several large cauldrons or vats of a boiling green acid on the deck of the Destroyer. Before he could move to destroy them, an enormous hose of norwhale intestine sprayed a heavy burst of acid at one of the Kieran cutters.

Immediately, the ship’s planks began to dissolve, as did the flesh of the people onboard. Those who were struck by the acid and not instantly killed began to turn on those who had not, a ravenous hunger and wrath overcoming them. While the party mourned the loss of their allies, there was no time to lose. The Potsticker, the Kung Pao, and the General Tso were beginning to sustain damage, and that simply would not fly with Yang Hou around. Skitters used his bolts of earth magic to destroy the cauldrons, spilling the acid across the deck of the Destroyer, where it seemed to have no effect.

Meanwhile, Lars was below deck, having snuck aboard through a cannon port. He found himself immediately confronted with nearly fifty zombified crewmen – mindless, angry, and ready to fight. He sliced through them by the dozen, slashing limbs and heads with his daggers sharper than any ordinary knife. He noticed drops of green acid dripping down through gaps in the planks, but thought nothing of it besides shifting to avoid them.

Finally, Yang Hou swung across on a rope, hollering obscenities in Chinese, landing a mighty blow against the thoroughly-stabbed Blackbeard. He stumbled, teetering on the very edge of the deck, but had not yet fallen. Skitters stepped forward to offer him an ultimatum – he could fall off the ship right now, knowing he would die, or he could go with them back to their ship, knowing that this choice too was certain death. He seemed to consider for a moment, looking for a way out of the corner he’d worked his way into, and finally fell backwards off the ship, into the cold embrace of the salty seas.

While the group was celebrating their hard-earned victory and chasing down the few enemy ships that managed to flee, a brightly-colored object came hurtling out of the sky to land on the deck of the Potsticker. As it neared, they saw that it was a large feathered bird, and a familiar one at that. Carifax, the eagle-sized parrot who was companion to Tressa the Red, landed with a thud, screeching at everyone on deck.

Carifax hurriedly explained that he’d been sent by Tressa, via magical spell, to tell the party that she’d been kidnapped by the Inquisition, captured for torture and certain eventual death. She could guess at the island she’d been taken to, a tiny spit of land called Isla Dios by the Inquisitors, where their horrible crimes took place. The group immediately set about preparing for the trip to Isla Dios, ready to stage their rescue of their dear friend Tressa. Unfortunately, Carifax had a wrench to throw into their planning: he didn’t know how long he’d actually been “flying” to get here. Due to Tressa’s spell, it could have been minutes or it could have been weeks.

Nevertheless, the group readied themselves for a difficult fight – either to free Tressa or to avenge her.

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