Rose and Thorn: Session 22

Don’t you just love it when a couple of characters who get the party into some kind of shenanigans end up missing the session where you deal with the consequences of those shenanigans? Hahaha, yeah. “Wait a minute, why are we fighting these guys? No, really, the one they want is, uh, over there. *gesturing vaguely off-screen*” But the party that fights together is also one that accepts the consequences of each other’s actions.


The Party:

Alkar, elf mystic

Max, halfling bard

Zavin, human paladin

Samzon, half-elf rogue-cleric


The Setting:

Outlying Regions of Silverrun

Shrines of the Seven-Faced God


The Story So Far:

Having provoked the celestial elk guarding the Shrine of Decency, the group prepared to face them. Max and Zavin were rammed by two of the elk, their golden antlers slamming into the adventurers. Alkar flew up on his broom while one of the elk came to stand beneath him. The fourth elk stayed close to the shrine, guarding it from any surprise attacks. Alkar used his mental command to make Zavin attack several more times, orders which Zavin was eager to comply with.

The first elk was dropped before they knew it, but Alkar’s luck ran out when one of the elk reared up and kicked him halfway out of the sky. His head was still spinning while Max and Zavin dodged the next attacks by the elks. Samzon finally arrived, having traveled somewhat slower than the rest of the group in his golden chariot pulled by a zebra. When he arrived, he healed Alkar and Zavin, then cast Spirit Guardians to protect himself and his allies as they approached the elk.

The last living elk fled from his combat to begin smashing the altar with his antlers and hooves. They weren’t quite certain to what purpose this was done, until they realized that it was attempting to prevent the shrine from falling into the wrong hands. When they saw this, the group was shocked – they weren’t the wrong hands! They were practically do-gooders! They would be responsible and practical guardians of this shrine, except oh wait, no, Samzon was already busy at work reconsecrating it to Loki instead of the Seven-Faced God.

Max assigned Dogstein to dig under the partially destroyed shrine (Alkar helped, which to my disappointment, did not mean getting down on his hands and knees and digging with his hands). It took rather a lot of digging, but he did come back with another ring, different-looking from the ones that they’d found at the other shrines. This one, for one thing, was glowing. They did some experimentation to figure out what was making it glow – wearing it, not wearing it, closer and further from the shrine, closer and further from each other. Eventually they determined that it glowed in the presence of evil beings and creatures… which was not much use in their line of work.

With that all settled, they decided to pack up and head to the next closest shrine on their map. This one took them somewhat further north, where the hills began to grow covered in trees, verging into the northern, elf-controlled woods. On the road not far from the shrine, they encountered a group of five armed and armored followers of the Faith of Seven Sorrows. They stood protectively in front of the road towards the shrine, clearly intent on stopping the party. The two groups spoke semi-amicably for a time – well, at least civilly, though the true believers immediately saw through their guise as fellows of the church.

Eventually it did come to blows when it became apparent that they knew far too much about the party’s exploits in shrine destruction. Once more Samzon brought up his Shield Guardians, maneuvering through the group to catch as many foes as he could in the orb of protection. Alkar exploded some heads with psionic brain aneurysms. Max played a jaunty battle song to inspire his allies, and Zavin was indeed inspired, spearing and slashing with his shiny new magical glaive. When the last of the holy men was slain, they proceeded to the grove where the altar was.

As they approached, they heard louder and louder bird call. They soon realized that no ordinary birds could make calls that loud, and they looked around for anything unusual – giant eagles, rocs, giant vultures, giant ravens – any excessively large birds. Much to their surprise, they saw a family of griffons descend – two adults and two young. They were struck with the immediate hope that they would not need to kill these majestic creatures.

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