Rose and Thorn: Session 19

One of the problems with having multiple plot threads going at any given time is the tendency to spend a lot of session time going “Okay so what are we actually trying to accomplish here?” or debating over what course of action they should take next. I think some groups are more prone to this than others (though all probably are to some extent), but we’ve been having a good amount of it here lately. Perhaps I should work on giving them one clear objective at a time.


The Party:

Zavin, human paladin

Alkar, elf mystic

Semaj, human fighter

Serenity, half-elf rogue

Mordora, tiefling warlock

Max, halfling bard


The Setting:

The City of Weavescore, on the Golden Plains

Suncastle Trading Post, midway between Weavescore and Silverrun


The Story So Far:

Although Alkar had made an appointment with Bruggen Sootbeard – power behind the leadership of Suncastle Enterprise and evident mastermind behind the assassination of Laurel Flynn – it was still over a week away, so they had some time to kill. Mordora’s “meeting” with Keverin Kailor, however, was in a mere two days, so she spent some time preparing for that – purchasing scandalous dresses, perfecting her alternate tiefling form, enlisting Zavin as her bodyguard, and so on.

When the day came, Mordora went right up and knocked on the front door of the Kailor estate – and was promptly redirected to the back entrance by a butler. Once she’d gone around to the correct door for someone “of her… stature,” she and Zavin were shown upstairs to a bedroom – Zavin took up a guard position outside the room. The butler informed them that the master of the house would be up promptly, brought Zavin a bottle of ale, and left them. They waited… and waited… and waited, and began to ponder the butler’s definition of “prompt”. Finally, after over half an hour, Keverin himself approached. He tipped his hat to Zavin and made his way into the room.

He apologized for his lateness, explaining that he’d been caught up in meetings, but when Mordora pushed for more information about those very meetings, he couldn’t really explain what they’d been about. The longer they talked, the clearer it was that Keverin really was a puppet, no more than a figurehead, and that Bruggen Sootbeard handled all of the real, serious business for the company. As Keverin bragged, “All I have to do is show up and sign papers and everything happens.” Indeed, Mordora asked him to sign an insurance waiver for their liaison, enabling the party’s forgers to make great use of his signature. When it was clear that she could get no more information of any value from him, she left and the group worked on other plans.

With 5 days remaining until Alkar’s meeting with Bruggen, they all decided that they’d best give them something discuss at that meeting. Mordora, Alkar, and Max took their newly purchased brooms of flying out to the construction site of the Suncastle Trading Post, still very much a work in progress, reaching the site in a mere three days due to the speed of their brooms. Once they’d arrived, they found a discreet grove in a copse of trees nearby and they set up one end of the temporary teleportation circle they’d purchased back in Weavescore. In the city, Semaj, Zavin, and Serenity were setting up the other half. Serenity and Zavin also thought to bring along their friend Allerine the druid, who would certainly be interested in seeing their plan enacted.

Once both ends had been stabilized, the party reunited (half of the party arrived to find Max and Mordora dancing naked around the circle “because that’s how magic works, right?” and Alkar dressed only in his “swimming cape” meditating under a waterfall) to lay their trap at the construction site. They all brought out the fluorescent orange vests they’d made (OSHA orange, obviously), readied a clipboard or two, and ensured that Semaj’s recent “project” was safely bundled in their packs. When they approached the worksite, they began writing up citations, quoting made-up safety regulations, and generally acting like they belonged there. Allerine and Mordora took the brooms of flying up into the sky in order to get the bird’s eye view of the scene.

Semaj and Max managed to bluff the foreman (well, the new foreman, given that someone had killed the previous one) into thinking they were the real deal (impressive given that the real deal doesn’t actually exist and there is no OSHA in this world, but by god were they going to start it). In order to alleviate their fines and not get a write-up sent to their boss, Semaj provided a series of “fire extinguishers” that they would install (for only the cost of labor and materials, a real bargain, you understand) that would vastly improve workplace safety. He demonstrated one of the fire extinguishers, a small cylinder filled with sand and baking soda that would put out even the hardiest of flames.

What the poor foreman didn’t know was that in the rest of the cylinders, the “harmless sand” was actually gunpowder. Semaj waited until the group was at a safe distance from the work site before igniting the gunpowder bombs – you know, about 50 of them. When the smoke cleared and they looked back at the site, they saw only a debris-filled crater.

With that more than settled, the group hopped through their teleportation circle back to Weavescore, asking Allerine to hide the evidence of it as she would be staying here to regrow the natural plant life. Now they were able to focus on their meeting with Bruggen Sootbeard, which would undoubtedly be interesting and informative.

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