Rose and Thorn: Session 16

There is little in this world as gratifying as seeing your players’ faces light up with a combination of surprise and joy during your game. Player reactions are how I know I’m doing my job as a storyteller, whether that be happiness or sorrow or anger or any other emotion. Sometimes it takes a lot of work to pull off that reaction, getting through that level of mental removal from the game world. But sometimes all it takes is telling them exactly how much money they managed to steal from a bank vault.


The Party:

Semaj, human fighter

Serenity, half-elf rogue

Alkar, elf mystic

Zavin, human paladin

Samzin, half-elf rogue-cleric

Max, halfling bard


The Setting:

The City of Weavescore, on the Golden Plains

Smithfeld Bank of Commerce


The Story So Far:

With more guards running down the stairway to see what had set off the alarm on the vault, the group decided to focus on the impending attack now and the mountain of coin next to them later. Another elite guard and five more ordinary guards arrived in moments, giving the party scant time to prepare themselves. Max ran forward to Viciously Mock the elite guard, unfortunately to no avail. The well-armored guard stabbed at Max with his spear and bashed him with his shield, but Max’s Cutting Words made the attacker falter.

Alkar let out a blast of psychic energy that killed the lesser guards on impact, their noses and eyes bleeding from the force of the blow. Zavin stepped up to attack the lone remaining guard with his maul, a heavy blow landing with a crunch of bones. Semaj used his Soul Knife abilities to unleash a psychic sword against the guard, and Serenity used Semaj as a human shield to retreat behind after making her attacks at the guard. Samzin cast healing spells to keep the front-line fighters up and ready to continue if need be. Fortunately, he was soon felled, his corpse piled up with the others (that is, until Zavin cleverly removed any distinguishing marks from the bodies, burnt them with alchemist’s fire, and left the trace evidence of this being a Graycloaks operations).

With that dealt with, they all eagerly returned to the open vault, greeted by mountains upon mountains of coin (this occasion is quite possibly the first time ever that I’ve had everyone calculate their carrying capacity and actually used the weight of the coin as a limit). Max leapt in and swam through the piles of money, his critical success on Acrobatics allowing him to do what logic said he could not. They quickly began filling their bags, pockets, and pouches with as much coin as they could carry, dumping it all back in Samzin’s teleportation circle, ready to go. Before they left, they quickly hit up the safe deposit boxes, certain there would be additional treasures there, and grabbed the stack of heavy, leather-bound bank ledgers from within the vault.

Once they returned to the basement of Samzin’s rented house, everyone went their separate ways to take care of some other business around town. Alkar went and discreetly bought Bags of Holding at various local establishments, doing his best not to attract attention (…in his mask and ostentatious cape). Serenity went out in search of masterwork rapiers and armor, which she found for a reasonable price (and not even the five-finger discount, either). Samzin realized that he quite liked the manor he’d been renting and negotiated a deal to buy it from the owner, establishing a permanent base here in the city. Alkar and Max went to go talk to the last priest of the Seven-Faced God they’d not met yet, a halfling woman named Carina Rootbalm, while Zavin went to get more local gossip from the other acolytes at the temple.

When Alkar explained the atrocity that had been committed in Silverrun – a priest of Mystra badly mutilated with the symbol of the Seven-Faced God – Carina was horrified, and almost unbelieving. She couldn’t fathom that another member of her church would do such a thing; it was unthinkable to her that such a monster could masquerade as a member of her own community. She promised that if there was anything she could do to help, she would. The acolytes of the Seven-Faced God indicated that while it was a close race between Laurel, Carina, and Rayjin, they believed that Laurel had more support and would win, despite Rayjin being one of the earliest priests of their congregation. Zavin also found that the election of the leader would be in only ten days, and that all members of the church who had been there more than a year would have a vote in the process.

Finally, the time came to divvy up their loot and figure out what they’d nabbed from the safe deposit boxes. Among those treasures were a fine gnomish marble statuette, a lovely gold and black pearl necklace, a set of enchanted arrowheads, a centuries old artificer’s notebook, a recently updated will from a local wealthy merchant, and a handwritten, hand-bound volume of exquisitely detailed dwarf erotica. The ledgers that they’d quickly grabbed held a great deal of interesting information regarding the Faith of the Seven-Faced God – their primary donor was Suncastle Enterprise, the very group that their druid friend Allerine was dedicated to taking out. They also found that Suncastle Enterprise was a major donor for a university of magic known as the Planar Collegium. This group was funding both an anti-magic religion and a pro-magic educational institution – this would require further investigation for certain.

Oh, and they each got 1,250 platinum pieces; 3,125 gold pieces, and 1,500 silver pieces. Just as the icing on the cake, you know.

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