50 Fathoms: Session 25

For all the exploring this group has done, there’s still some decently large areas that they hadn’t been to yet. The 50 Fathoms campaign world model (also seen in other Savage Worlds campaigns like Slipstream) of a sort of pocket world can seem small but still have a lot of content packed into not a lot of space. It’s a model that works, and I can see why Pinnacle did it at least a few more times after the publication of 50 Fathoms (one of the earliest plot point campaigns).


The Party:

Theodore, human fire/air/earth mage

Skitters, scurillian water/earth/air mage

Yang Hou, human sailor

Boggsworth Binns, masaquani scoundrel

Lars, doreen hunter


The Setting:

The City of New Madrid, on Sprith

Arfk, the Frozen North

Caribdus, a drowning world


The Story So Far:

After finishing up their swordplay training in New Madrid (and getting Theodore trained in addition to the rest of the group), the group stayed in the city a little longer, to see what else might be going on in one of Caribdus’ largest settlements. In eavesdropping on some conversations at a bustling tavern, they heard a man whispering urgently to his friends about the cathedral in the center of the city – he insisted that some people seeking assistance had gone there for help, and were never heard from again. Given the church’s role as the main driver behind the Inquisition, everyone shushed him and told him not to speak of such things out loud. The crew of the Potsticker, however, saw an opportunity to investigate.

They made their way over to the cathedral, with Boggsworth, Theodore, and Lars going in, and Skitters and Yang Hou keeping watch outside. Boggsworth attracted the attention of the head of this church, Cardinal Torres, and they began to speak. Torres started out friendly and welcoming, but as the conversation went on, he began to insist more and more on Boggsworth – and his crewmates – confessing to their sins. While Boggsworth kept the cardinal distracted, Theodore and Lars began to search some of the other areas of the large building, including an area where many people seemed to be queueing up to confess (Theodore, an Englishman, was exceptionally talented at queueing).

People who seemed to confess legitimately were brought back inside and given the assistance they needed. Those who resisted, and those who the clergy seemed particularly suspicious of, where brought outside to a wagon hidden away in the courtyard, where several rough-looking, low-ranking Inquisitors waited on guard. Those who were deemed unsatisfactorily penitent were bound and gagged and thrown into the wagon, no doubt to be taken away to Torquemada. Lars scouted this area out, counting the guards before making his attack.

When Lars did make the first strike, Theodore quickly joined him, and Skitters and Yang Hou – hearing the type of screams that could only come from a Lars attack – ran to the back as well. Boggsworth kept the people within the cathedral distracted, particularly the cardinal. Five guards with cutlasses were no match for a group of experienced fighters – especially those so recently given advanced training in the ways of the sword – and they were quickly able to free the prisoners to spread the word of what had happened here.

Having angered the Catholic Church and the Inquisition, they decided it would be most prudent to head back to their ship and sail away very, very quickly. They made their way out of Spanish territory entirely, and decided to set a course for the frigid northern lands of Arfk, the homeland of the grael. They sailed specifically to Kaja, the only real settlement of any note in Arfk, along its southernmost border – the only place that non-grael could tolerate to live. Quickly upon arrival, they stocked up on winter gear to protect themselves from the bitter ice and wind.

Several of the party members bought the specialty cold weather gear of Arfk – coats lined with the fur of the local blue bears, and waterproof sealsuits, which protected one from the elements better than any other form of clothing. After discussing things with some of the locals, they realized that the blue bear fur was greatly in demand, but the bears themselves were enormous and difficult to hunt. Deciding that this sounded like an appropriate challenge, the crew of the Potsticker hired a sledge and dogs to take them out into the ice – after all, maybe blue bear meat would be good eating, and an exotic delicacy in the southern lands.

On the first day of the hunt, they saw nothing, but their local guide did educate them on the habits and trails of blue bears. On the second day, they found a hole in the ice, and saw two blue bears catching fish through the hole. While the bears were fully engaged in their meal, the group managed to sneak up to attack them, taking care to avoid damaging the precious fur. Their guide with the dogs stayed well back, and when the bears were dead, they loaded up the bodies onto the sledge and readied them to be skinned for the furs.

On the third day, they spotted a similar watering hole and another blue bear nearby, but a group of grael intervened before they could make an attack. The grael explained that they depended on the blue bears for their meat, and that the local population of Kaja had been greatly overhunting the creatures. Coming quickly to a peaceable agreement, the crew gave the meat of the bears they’d hunted to the group of grael – enhanced by Boggsworth’s expert cooking and spices – and the grael let them go back to Kaja with no further trouble. They let the nearby bear go, even knowing that it would just be hunted another day.

Back in Kaja, they sold the two pelts they’d acquired for a pretty penny, netting a thousand pieces of eight for their trouble. Returning to the taverns – preferring the comfortable Warm Hearth Inn, over the rough-and-tumble Frigid Bitch – they listened in for any more hints of adventures to be had. Indeed, a local man was enthralling everyone with his tale of an old ship and his crew, which had been sunk when they’d been attacked by a great white norwhale. He swore up and down that the creature would have treasure in its gullet, even a magic ring that would allow the wearer to breathe underwater, eaten when it ate the crewmen of the ship. Of course the crew of the Potsticker was interested, but they shared one thought amongst themselves – “We’re going to need a bigger boat.”

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