Storm King’s Thunder: Session 26

We’re really steamrolling towards the final few sessions here (two left after this one!) and resolutions and closures are really starting to take shape. There’s still a great deal to be done in order to save the world, of course, but it no longer feels like an insurmountable task, perhaps. Naturally, everything looks a little bit smaller when you’ve got giants on your side. Although, when your foes are ancient dragons, “smaller” may be relative…


The Party:

Heskan, sorceror

Wade, rogue

Roshi, monk

Hugheorn, cleric

Madeline, fighter

Ulmo, druid


The Setting:

The Purple Rocks, the Trackless Sea

Maelstrom, a city beneath the waves

Iymrith’s lair in the Anauroch Desert

The Sword Coast of Faerun


The Story So Far:

With their newfound knowledge about the Morkoth, the gigantic ship owned by the Kraken Society under the rule of the kraken Slarkrethel, the group had their work cut out for them in terms of finding the damn thing. They couldn’t scry on objects, Hekaton himself had previously been un-scry-able, and they didn’t know anyone onboard the ship itself that they could scry on. Eventually, Ulmo returned to the still-shaken Lord Drylund and asked if he knew the names of anyone onboard the Morkoth, and it turned out he did – the captain, a mage named Tholtz Daggerdark.

They were able to discern that the Morkoth was somewhere near the Moonshae Isles, specifically the Purple Rocks. With a stroke of inspiration, they decided to use Sending to contact their good old friend Zephyros, last reported to be in the Moonshae Isles. He agreed to meet them at the location where they planned to meet the Morkoth, although he would not participate in the battle himself. He was, however, more than happy to serve as their emergency escape plan, should they need one. After all, with a kraken in the water – even if he wasn’t nearby, he could no doubt get there too fast for comfort – things could turn south very, very quickly.

Heskan cast Fly on the group and the descended from the airship down to the deck of the Morkoth. Tholtz, feeling rather intransigent, was in no mood to give them any information or to give up King Hekaton himself, plainly visible from the top deck of the ship. This group knew very well what to do with intransigent foes, and Tholtz was Polymorphed and devoured in short order. The first mate, a half-orc named Rool, was now in charge of the ship, and Ulmo put a Geas on him, to force him to stand down. Unfortunately, they couldn’t control all of the cultists aboard the ship, so they were going to have to deal with them the old-fashioned way. Madeline and Wade swung their weapons about them, taking down the measly peons en masse. Roshi punched and kicked his way through a swath of them, as Heskan cast (ironically) Maelstrom to pull the rest of them together and bludgeon them to death.

Hugheorn examined the magical chains that held King Hekaton in a magical stasis – the thick, heavy rings of metal glowed faintly and were clearly magical. Unfortunately, Dispel Magic did nothing to break the enchantment on them, and Rool revealed that only the Captain had the magical key to unlock them. Once more, they were going to have to do things the old-fashioned way and smash their way through the chains. It took some time, but with Ulmo as an earth elemental, Roshi’s magical fists, Madeline’s magical sword, and Hugheorn’s spiritual weapon, they broke through all four chains and King Hekaton awoke.

He arose immediately, belligerent and disoriented. Although he bore no weapon, his massive fists still posed a significant threat if he wanted to, and no one wanted to deal with that. Hugheorn cast Calm Emotions on him, and Roshi immediately blew one of the teleportation conches to get himself, Hekaton, and about half the party to Maelstrom. Hekaton was still disoriented, but he was quickly beginning to understand what had occurred. Back on the Morkoth, the remainder of the party was rapidly looting the ship for anything worth taking before the kraken arrived. And arrive he did, wrapping his enormous tentacles around the ship just as Ulmo blew the second conch to take them to Maelstrom as well. The last thing they saw before spinning away through space was the massive ship being crushed into pieces.

Back in Maelstrom, King Hekaton was quickly acclimating to his return, though he was alarmed by much of what the group told him had transpired in his absence. Striding confidently into the great hall, his elder daughters Mirran and Nym were clearly dismayed to see him. They feigned joy, especially in front of their remaining giant visitors, but their shock and disappointment was apparent. Heskan offered to zap them for him, but Hekaton declined; they were still his children, after all. At the doors to the throne room, Tug and Cog bowed for their king – until Ulmo taught them to curtsy… in their loincloths.

As soon as she saw him, Serissa flew off the Wyrmskull Throne, rushing to embrace her father. He returned her enthusiasm, their joy at reuniting sincere. Uthor as well came over to embrace his brother, clapping him heartily on the back. As Hekaton reclaimed the throne, everyone expected something momentous to happen – after all, this was supposed to restore the ordning! However, the moment was calm and still, and no sense of rightness returned to the world. Clearly, there was still more work to be taken care of. After Serissa and Uthor filled Hekaton in on what else he had missed after his kidnapping, he suggested they all go to his personal scrying pool, where they could see what had become of Iymrith.

She was still in her lair, as best as they could tell – plotting and pacing and scheming, lashing out at statues in her empty desert amphitheater – you know, just dragon things. Hekaton wished to get rid of her himself, and to bring Serissa along in order to confirm her place as his rightful heir. They summoned four of their bodyguards, more storm giants, to accompany them, as well as the party themselves. Hekaton informed them that the giants would be riding whales to the nearest islands where they would be able to ride tame rocs as their flying steeds to get them to the Anauroch Desert.

The party did end up making one little pit stop along the way, however – they stopped in to see the cloud giant lord, Countess Sansuri. When they reached her lovely cloud castle, Hekaton advised them all to land and he strolled right up to the massive front doors. He banged on them as loud as he could, three times, before a pair of aarakocra opened them to admit him. “Countess Sansuri,” he bellowed. “I’ve come to pay you a visit, friend.” The party began to understand why Hekaton was king of all giants, not least because of his flair for the dramatic.

Finally, Sansuri herself appeared, a porcelain mask of joy affixed to her face – which looked decidedly unjoyful. Hekaton made niceties, saying that he was merely checking up on her after his long absence – it doesn’t do for a ruler to become unmindful of their subordinates, after all. Sansuri, perhaps hoping to curry some favor from the king, revealed that she had captured a dragon – a brass dragon – within her dungeon, and he was chained safely there now, if Hekaton would like to see. Indeed he did. He admired the handiwork of the chains holding the dragon back, inquired after her methods of capture – and demanded that she release the dragon, as a test of her loyalty to him.

Reluctantly, very reluctantly, the countess released the dragon, while Heskan explained what was going on in Draconic for the dragon’s benefit (he probably understood Common, but it never hurt to be sure). The dragon, once escorted to the upper level of the cloud castle, took off and zoomed away into the distance, eager to be far from here. Pleased with the results of his little experiment, Hekaton graciously declined Sansuri’s offer of a feast in his honor – they had other urgent errands to be getting on with, but he would gladly return another time. And with that, the group returned to where they’d left Serissa with the guards, keeping an eye on Iymrith’s lair.

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